NextCar and Priceless Car Rental: Customers Best Locally Owned Option

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The typical car rental customers range anywhere from meeting-focused business travelers to local residents who steer friends, family and themselves to company’s who can provide the right vehicle at the right time. Airport rental locations are, of course, key, but so are neighborhood locations that put vehicles within easy reach of people who live and work nearby.

NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchise leadership report that repeat business builds from several sources:

  • Neighboring auto dealers and repair shops who know they have to offer customers substitute vehicles to use while their own cars are being repaired or maintained;
  • Local residents who refer both NextCar and Priceless Car Rental to leisure visitors, family, and friends who are exploring the area and visiting.
  • And permanent residents who need to rent cars for special reasons, such as accommodating guests for special events or easing short-term conflicts for household vehicles.

These often-overlooked motivations for renting cars create powerful opportunities for conveniently located rental services. As locally owned and managed businesses, NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchisees have the best of both worlds: a growing national presence and consumer awareness, thanks to systemwide advertising and marketing, and local presence that cultivates relationships with businesses and residents who trust companies that are part of their daily landscape. Put another way, NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchise owners go to market as a national chain of friendly neighborhood car rental agencies.

Locally owned and managed companies enjoy top-of-mind awareness that complements online search. Potential customers become familiar with locations they pass often on their way to work or running errands. When the need for a rental car emerges, they know where to turn.

NextCar and Priceless Car Rental leadership helps each franchisee to zero in on their best location within their markets to make the most of available opportunities which exist.