One company: two different brands

NP Franchise Group offers franchises under the NextCar and Priceless Car Rental brands.

Franchisees make money through three streams of revenue


Renting late model automobiles to customers at convenient locations near airports, commercial, or residential communities

Ancillary add-ons such as collision protection and additional driver fees.

Selling their retired rental vehicles to customers or at auction as franchisees refresh their fleets.

The opportunity is big, stable and growing.

The latest projections anticipate that the U.S. auto rental market will reach $30B in 2023. The car rental industry has grown on average 6.9% between 2017 and 2022, making this one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

The pre-owned car market in the United States is generating almost $195B in sales and is expected to top $300B by 2027. That’s a 7.5% annual growth rate, making used car sales another of the fastest growing industries nationally.

Historically, major national brands have dominated the car rental market. But, these brands charge top dollar and center their market presence around airports and tourist locations.

NP Franchise Group offers a grassroots model that makes reliable and affordable cars available for rent or purchase to Americans where they live and work. NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchise locations are available at airports, downtown areas, tourist destinations, and in residential communities. Regardless of the location strategy, NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchisees offer affordable rental solutions within short reach of their consumers, while delivering strong revenues and margins to franchisees.