Training and Support

Both NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchisees and their General Managers benefit from comprehensive upfront classroom instruction and ongoing skills training and coaching to get off to a strong start and grow from there.

We offer you training and support

Over 40 hours of iniital training and ongoing support as needed including consulting, profitability coaching and fleet financing and insurance assistance. Below are the essential topics provided by NP Franchise Group.

Pat Bowie, Director of Training and Development has previously won the Professional of the Year Award.

SubjectHours of Classroom TrainingHours of On-the-Job Training
Introduction and Background0.50
Logo specifications, Signs and Brand Uniformity0.50
Advertising and Public Relations10
Reservation System10
Website Set up and Maintenance 21
Local Marketing and Outside Sales10
Rate Shop your Competition10
ASAP Source of Business Tracking10
Graphic Forms - Business Supplies0.50
Planning and purchasing your Fleet: understanding fleet depreciation31
Pricing for Profit: planning to achieve your profit objectives30
Planning to sell some of your fleet each year20
ASAP Computer System Training: create reservations open; modify and close rental agreements; using reports - selling to the customer's needs7.52.5
Telephone Sales Basic Training31.5
Understanding Auto Insurance10
Selling Optional Products to Customers0.750.75
Customer Qualifications and Essentials11
Customer Service Standards3.51
Wrap-up Discussion0.50
Closing Remarks0.50