NextCar and Priceless Car Rental seek savvy entrepreneurs who wish to capitalize on Americans continual need for short-term car rental and for sales of late-model pre-owned cars.

Investment starts at $63,000 plus fleet financing

Type of ExpenditureLow AmountHigh AmountMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment is Made
Initial Franchise Fee (1) (4)$20,000$100,000CashWhen Franchise Agreement signedNP Franchise Group
Initial Reservation Deposit (2)$2,500$25,000CashWhen Reservation Services Enrolment signedNP Auto Group
Real Estate (3)$6,000$24,000As agreedAs agreedSuppliers
Leasehold Improvements (4)$2,000$12,000As agreedAs orderedSuppliers
Equipment, Fixtures, Furniture and Signs (5)$2,000$20,000As agreedAs orderedSuppliers
Rental Vehicles: 20 vehicles is the minimum fleet requirement (6)$800,000$3,000,000As agreedAs orderedAuctions, Dealers, Wholesalers, Fleet Lessor, NP Auto Group
Training and Travel Expenses (7)$1,000$2,000CashAs incurredSuppliers
Computer Hardware (8)$1,550$14,130CashAs incurredSuppliers
Computer Software (9)$375$6,407CashWhen Franchise Agreement signedNP Auto Group, Suppliers
Additional On-Site Computer Software Training (10)$0$3,500CashAs incurredNP Franchise Group
Opening Advertising, Deposits and Miscellaneous Costs (11)$2,500$5,000As agreedAs incurredSuppliers
Vehicle Insurance (12)$10,000$20,000As agreedAs orderedBroker
Additional Funds - three months operating capital (13)$15,000$45,000As agreedAs incurredSuppliers and Employees
Total Estimated Initial Investment$860,925$3,277,037
Start with only 6 cars to start and grow your fleet as your business grows. Over time, the typical franchisee grows their fleet to 20 cars or more.

The startup cost for NextCar and Priceless Car Rental is materially the same. The primary variable is the fleet that each franchisee chooses at first, which will depend on what each local market prefers and the types of vehicles that are available.

Franchisees will typically start with as few as 6 vehicles during ramp up and will add vehicles as revenues grow and fleet becomes utilized.

See Fleet Leasing.


Fleet Acquisition and Financing

Start small and finish big: NP Franchise Group offers franchisees both fleet acquisition assistance and assistance in fleet financing. NP Franchise Group has established third party fleet leasing relationships franchisees benefit from. Fleet financing operates like a line of credit. Franchisees only pay for funds they tap.

The average NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchisee may start with a small fleet of about 6 cars ranging from economy and compact cars through full size luxury vehicles and SUVs, and add fleet as revenues grow by using lines of credit that NP Franchising helps franchisees establish.

Franchisees acquire fleets through closed factory sales events, program cars through the franchisor, local auto auctions, dealers, and through private sellers

Fleet Insurance

Insurance is, of course, a baseline requirement for a car rental operation. NP Franchise Group provides pooled car rental fleet insurance at competitive rates.