Finding a Location

When NextCar and Priceless Car Rental are close to where customers travel, work, or live, location is a strategic advantage.

Four different marketplaces

  • Airport locations
  • Downtown business and urban communities
  • Neighborhood locations, which are typically underserved by rental car companies
  • An add-on business to those who already own automobile-related businesses, such as auto body repair or car dealerships

 Typically, offices are small – only about 400 square feet. The ideal location has space for 20 to 25 vehicles. After all, most of the time, vehicles are on the road, not on the lot.

US Locations for NextCar and Priceless Car Rental

NextCar International Locations: AKL Airport - Auckland New Zealand; SJO Airport San Jose; SJU Airport - San Juan; Aguadilla; SXM Airport

Priceless Car Rental International Locations: Albania; Argentina; Canada; Costa Rica; Guatemala; Jamaica; Jordan; Malta; Mexico; Montenegro; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Romania; Sint Maarten; Spain; Switzerland; Turks and Caicos; United Arab Emirates