About NP Franchise Group

The group was founded by industry veterans who have extensive track records and their combined 300 years of experience in starting and growing auto rental and sales companies, and in coaching franchisees to success, position them as premier industry partners.

Franchise Opportunities

Now, NP Franchise Group is offering qualified new franchise candidates opportunities in prime markets across the country through NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchises.
  • We welcome a wide scope of potential franchise owners. NP Franchise Group uses its deep industry knowledge and supply partners to reduce barriers to entry, allowing new franchise candidates entrance into the lucrative auto rental industry.  
  • No previous automobile sales or rental experience is necessary.  NP Franchise Group knows the car rental and pre-owned car industries inside and out. Comprehensive training ensures that new franchisees are equipped with all the operational tools and tactics that they need to be profitable from day one.
  • Financing is available for both internal and external lending relationships established by NP Franchise Group. This results in reliable financing on good terms, because lenders know that their risk is contained by the guidance provided by NP Franchise Group to its franchisees.
  • National advertising and brand support. NP Franchise Group ensures that NextCar and Priceless Car Rental automobiles are available to rent to consumers through travel reservation platforms like Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline. Most online car rental reservations are made in affiliation with these platforms.  NextCar and Priceless Car Rental  franchisees are positioned as value leaders compared to higher cost competitors such as Hertz and Avis.

NextCar and Priceless Car Rental franchisees complement existing new or used car dealers; collision and repair facilities; and other auto-related businesses.

To learn more about how a NextCar or Priceless Car Rental franchise can bring fresh and continuing revenue to your existing auto business, click here.

If you have little or no experience in the automotive industry or you have experience and would like to know more about how to build a car rental company, click here.