Jan Fleet Update


It's January, and for those of us in the car rental business who watch the used car market, a predictable seasonal cycle has seemingly returned, as wholesale values drift downward like flakes of snow, in the early weeks of 2022. In this recording of a meeting held on Jan. 24 2022, Michael Delorenzo, Matt Groller and Jason Delorenzo discuss emerging trends, as well as signals from the manufacturers and competitors that are informing NP Auto's fleet decisions.

Aug 2021 Car Rental Update


A group of franchise owners from across our system, and our home office fleet team of Jason and Mike DeLorenzo and Matt Groller meet to discuss the business conditions and market forces impacting the industry as we exit a very strong Summer 2021.

June 2021 Car Rental Business Update


Led by NP Auto Group Presdient Mike DeLorenzo, a group of NextCar, Priceless and Rent-A-Wreck franchisees trade notes on market conditions and acquisition strategies. Manheim recently reported that Used Car Market index hit a historic 202 peak in Mid June 2021, driving up rental rates as inventory supply constraints cascade down to consumers, while also narrowing opportunities for operators to increase inventories.

April 2021 Business Update


The Car Rental industry goes thermo nuclear this month! We're kidding - but we are seeing numbers that are breaking records - and it's April. Twin Peaks in used car prices and customer demand have both our sales and rental operation humming, and it's music to our ears.

March 2021 - Car Rental Business Update


Mike Delorenzo, NP President, discusses escalating supply crunch and the increasing seasonal and post pandemic demand spike in our industry with a group of NP franchise owners from around the United States.

Spring Business conditions Update


More fuel to the fire of used car values. $4,000 - 6,000 over book values and rental business is taking off - utilization is hitting marks usually not seen for another month or so. Lot's of reason for optimism in the car rental business.

February 2021 - Car Rental Business Update


In this business update, upward moving market reports given by Michael Delorenzo and other franchise owners show a rapidly approaching supply crunch for the industry. The team talks strategies of managing acquisition as move up along our seasonal demand curve.

Affiliate 1:05 promo


In this brief video, we introduce the NP Auto Group Affiliate program, which provides a quality car rental operator with access to our proprietary reservation system and its connections to our worldwide network of reservation channel partners.

About NP Franchise Group


This video describes NP Franchise Group and its growing car rental brands NextCar and Priceless.

Franchise Benefits


This video, narrated by Michael DeLorenzo, NP Franchise Group President, describes in detail many of the support services provided to franchise owners.

Meeting Customer Expectations Together


Meet and exceed our custom expectations requires a coordinated effort between franchisees and the home office. Having a support network is important in any business, but in car rental it can mean all the difference. We have the network of stores and infrastructure to support your car rental franchise.

Franchise Testimonial


David Lanzer, 20 year franchise owner from Greensboro, NC, talks about the value provided by his franchise and why he wouldn't do it any other way.

Jack Fitzgerald


Jack Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Fitzgerald Auto Mall, describes the role car rental plays in his dealership group, and how it enhances every aspect of their service, sales and customer experience and acquisition models.

Dealer Explainer


A video explaining how a car rental business can be the perfect add on to an existing used car dealership. If you operate a used car dealership, this video explains how the NP franchise provides a turnkey opportunity to access this high value business.

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